Acclaimed as the wildest one-day whitewater run in the World, the Zambezi River is also recognized by rafting and kayaking enthusiasts as one of the top ten paddling rivers on the planet!

Shooting the whitewater rapids of the challenging Zambezi River  is one exciting way to make the most out of your cheap holidays here in Africa with some much needed thrills and a sense of adventure.

The rapids of the Zambezi are counted by whitewater rafting enthusiasts as among some of the most challenging in the world owing to factors such as the length and power of the rapids, the dizzying number of big drops and the effects of the water levels of the Zambezi with low water levels being the time when the rapids of the Zambezi are its wildest.
If you don't immediately associate the terms ""Stairway to Heaven"" and ""Oblivion"" with adventure then you haven't experienced Zambezi Whitewater!

The Batoka Rapids
White Water Rafting on the Zambezi River in Victoria Falls has been classified by the British Canoe Union as Grade 5 - "extremely difficult, long and violent rapids, steep gradients, big drops and pressure areas". This is a high volume, pool-drop river with little exposed rock either in the rapids or in the pools below the rapids. Pick up a rapid-by-rapid account through the Batoka Gorge....

The Batoka rapids below Victoria Falls were run in a raft for the first time in March 1981
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We operate year round. River conditions are determined by seasonally predictable fluctuations in water levels. Low water season generally runs from August to January each year - this is when the Zambezi is at its very wildest. We're in high water from about February to July with a short "closed season" around April/May depending on the season's rains.

The upper Zambezi: Short canoe trails are available on the 15km stretch of the Upper Zambezi River between the Zambezi National Park in Zimbabwe and the Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park in Zambia. This section of the river is regarded as "free-flow" and subject to seasonal variation, small rapids are encountered. Short excursions are run year round with overnight trips available on request. The ultimate canoeing excursion done through the Mana Pools National Park, gives ample opportunities to view prolific bird and animal life on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River. This multi day trip is a must for every adventurer.

zambezi river

  • #1 "...against the wall: Class 4/5: 
  • # 2"...the bridge": Class 3:
  • Rapid # 3: Class 4
  • 4"Morning Glory" Class 4/5:
  • #5"Stairway to Heaven": Class 5:
  • #6"Devil's Toilet Bowl" : Class 4:
  •  #7"Gullivers Travels": Class 5: includes the "Temple of Doom", "The Crease", "Patella Gap" and "Land of the Giants".
  • #8"Midnight Diner" ". Class 3-5
  • #9"Commercial Suicide" Class 5/6: The Zambezi's most infamous - commercial portage!
  • #10"Gnashing Jaws of Death" Class 4
  • #11"Overland Truck Eater" Class 5
  • “12"Three Sisters" #12A,B,C: Class 4 Rafters prefer the term "three little pigs".
  • #13"The Mother" : Class 4/5: A massive wave train at its best, first 3 waves super fast.
  • #14Rapid : Class 3:
  • # 15"Washing Machine"
  • #16"The Terminators I and II": Class 4:
  • #17"Double Trouble" : Class 5: also known as "The Bitch".
  • # 18"Oblivion" Class 5: Three waves make up THE rapid on the Zambezi.. The 3rd crashing wave is responsible for more raft flips than any other in the world - only about 1 in 4 attempts succeed! This rapid marks the end of the "low water" one-day run.

Rapids #19 to #25: Class 2/3: Easy runs at the end of the day. Rapid #23 is the last rapid 

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Encyclopedia Discription:
The Zambezi (also spelled Zambesi) is the fourth-longest river in Africa, and the largest flowing into the Indian Ocean. The area of its basin is 1,570,000 km² (606,000 miles²), slightly less than half that of the Nile. The 2,574 km (1,600 mile) long river has its source in Zambia and flows through Angola, along the border of Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe, to Mozambique, where it empties into the Indian Ocean.

The Zambezi's most spectacular feature is Victoria Falls, the world's largest waterfalls. Other notable falls include the Chavuma Falls at the border between Zambia and Angola, and Ngonye Falls, near Sioma in Western Zambia. Over its entire course, the Zambezi is spanned by only five bridges: at Chinyingi, Katima Mulilo, Victoria Falls, Chirundu and Tete.

There are two main sources of hydroelectric power on the river. These are the Kariba Dam, which provides power to Zambia and Zimbabwe and the Cabora-Bassa Dam in Mozambique which provides power to South Africa. There is also a smaller power station at Victoria Falls.

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The Batoka rapids below Victoria Falls were run in a raft for the first time in March 1981
fourth-longest river in Africa
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