Grading:                          2-4 (moderate to challenging)
Season:                           All year but winter is white water season
Length:                           1-2 days
Drive from Cape Town:     1 hr 15 mins

The Palmiet River tumbles through the Fynbos covered mountains of the Kogelberg Nature Reserve, just outside Kleinmond, about an hour's drive from Cape Town. This pristine natural environment forms the backdrop to our Palmiet River Experience. A friendly stream during the summer months, winter rainfall turns the river into an exciting white water adventure. Our trips are designed so that we can offer our clients an exciting experience in both seasons and enable us to run all year round. At medium and high water levels we offer thrilling white water rafting in two-person inflatable 'crocodiles’ or four person rafts and at low levels we offer trips on inflatable 'geckos'. This innovative inflatable craft has been specially developed for the Palmiet.  If used in a reclining position, it provides a comfortable way to drift lazily along the pools and channels of the river and if used facing forward, an exciting way of tackling the small rapids. The Palmiet River Experience is suitable for all ages and skill levels - we provide qualified and registered guides with an intimate knowledge of the river and its environment and instruction on how to steer your craft. And since all of the rapids are optional, the trip is even suitable for those who prefer a more relaxed excursion. We also offer a choice of two lengths of trip – the longer full day section and the shorter half day section. All tubing trips are done on the half day section as they take longer than rafting trips. All boating and safety equipment is provided including PFDs (‘lifejackets’), gloves, paddle jackets and helmets. Wetsuits and booties are available. Since this excursion takes place in a sensitive natural environment, group size is limited to 20 people per group day. The trip price includes permits, all equipment, food, transport and APA qualified guides.

We have a base camp in the heart of the valley and offer rustic camping accommodation and basic meeting facilities. We also offer a two-day trip on this section. The trip finishes after lunch on the second day and includes all meals and accommodation. The normal day trip can also be combined with a half-day hike or abseil to make up a full weekend of adventure. We can also arrange all accommodation (from camping to guesthouses to luxury hotels). Luxury conference facilities can also be arranged.

Rafting trip                                           R495.00 pp   (Min: 8         Max: 20)
Tubing trip                                           R335.00 pp   (Min: 6         , Max: 20)

Lunch added to above Trips                            add R55.00 pp

Conference & School programmes                  POA

Q & A’s

Are you a member of SARA – now APA?

We are Operating Members of APA and our guides are trained & qualified. 

How do I get up to the river?

You can drive up in your own vehicle or we can arrange vehicle hire if required. The road is a good tar road all the way up from Cape Town and takes around 1hr15mins. We can also arrange a vehicle and driver. Full directions will be supplied on confirmation of booking.

What are the options if I want to spend the night?

Gravity has a campsite in the heart of the valley that we use for overnight trips. There are also a wide variety of accommodation options ranging from chalets in the nature reserve to friendly backpackers to luxury guesthouses and hotels in the vicinity. Just let us know what you need and we can make the arrangements.

What do I need to bring?

We supply most of what you’ll need on river. A full kit list will be supplied on confirmation of booking.

Can I bring my camera?

Yes. Although there can be no guarantees on a river trip, we will provide watertight dry buckets for cameras, binoculars etc. It is also worth considering buying a disposable waterproof camera.
Do I need to be fit? What if I’m not a strong swimmer?
Except at very low water levels (summer), when this trip is more of a float, this is an exciting trip. The distance covered during the day is not very long (about 5kms) so you don’t have to be an athlete to do the trip. A basic level of fitness and good health is required, though. There is no age limit but you should familiarise yourself with what the trip entails and make an informed decision on your ability to participate, based on your own fitness. Each client is issued with a PFD (’Lifejacket’) and helmet and is instructed on how to handle themselves in the water, you don’t need to be a strong swimmer but please let us know if you are not confident in the water.

Is it difficult to steer the boats? Will I fall out?

We use a variety of craft depending on the water level: in high water, we use a 4-person raft, steered by a raft guide. At medium levels, (common during the winter season), we use 2 person inflatable ‘crocs’ that are very stable and easy to paddle, even for beginners and at low levels (common in summer), we use 1 person ’gekos’. This section of river has lots of fun rapids as well as a few challenging runs. There is therefore quite a good chance that you’ll have at least one swim! Thrills and spills are part of the adventure and bumps and bruises are a possibility. You will be equipped with a PFD (‘lifejacket’) and will have been given instruction on exactly how to behave if you fall out of your boat. We also use only highly trained guides who will be on hand to rescue you if required. Remember that you always have the option of walking around anything you are not comfortable doing.

Is it safe? What about if I hurt myself?

Whilst there is an inherent element of risk in every adventure, running rivers with our professional guides should not be considered dangerous. Our guides are all trained in First Aid and we carry a First Aid kit. It is your responsibility to make sure you have any personal medication with you (e.g. asthma pumps, allergy medication etc.). This trip does take place in a wilderness environment but we have put plans in place to cope with any emergencies.

What will the weather be like?

Typical of the Cape’s Mediterranean climate, winters are cold and often wet, while summer is warm and extends into autumn. You will be provided with all the kit needed to protect you on the river including wetsuit, booties, gloves, a paddle jacket, PFD and helmet.

What will the meals be like?

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best in bush cuisine. All meals are prepared fresh on the river and consist of hearty, healthy main courses, followed by desert. Tea, coffee and cold drinks are also provided.

Why restrict group sizes?

We operate in this area as part of a joint venture with Cape Nature Conservation. We are as committed as they are to keeping this unique area as pristine as possible and so adhere to their recommendations of a maximum group size of 20 (40 per day in two groups)

What other activities are available in the area?

There is a vast array of outdoor activities in the area. We offer white water kayaking; abseiling and flat water paddling on the estuary (excellent for school groups) as well as abseiling, guided hikes, mountain biking, overnight wilderness experiences etc.

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Palmiet River, Fynbos, Kogelberg Nature Reserve
Our company’s mission is focussed on making the boundless beauty of Africa accessible to everyone and garnering a sense of proactive conservation and appreciation for the environment.
Kleinmond, about an hour's drive from Cape Town
inflatable 'geckos'
thrilling white water rafting in two-person inflatable 'crocodiles’ or four person rafts
The trip price includes permits, all equipment, food, transport and APA qualified guide
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